Science In A Bottle – Beakerhead 2017

IdeaMosaic is going to Beakerhead! Check out our Science in a Bottle project, where we facilitate creative conversations between researchers and the public!

A Day in the Science of Life: Beach Day

      Whether you’re strolling through the sand, dipping into some freshwater, or lounging atop a blanket of grass, the beach is a great place to enjoy a warm Summer day.       For almost a week before I took my trip to Sauble Beach, all I could picture was a shoreline in…

A Day in the Science of Life: Kitchen Crafts

Spring. It’s almost here. The chills that settled within me as I put down my chunky  winter coat and slipped into a light spring jacket made me feel energetic and happy. I would walk out from my home or from a building and would be blissfully surrounded by that nostalgic spring air; the one that I…

A Day in the Science of Life: Hiking up a Mountain

The article below, by Nathan Battersby, was posted on Labfundr on January 31st 2018. The original article can be found here. Late last year, I found myself at the base of Sulphur Mountain, a popular hike in Banff National Park, Alberta. I was a few hours away from crossing “climb a mountain” off my bucket-list, and…

Words of Science 2.0

The Words of Science 2.0 built for the Science Discovery Zone at Ryerson University.

SCIENCE: The Prototype

The original IdeaMosaic “proof-of-concept” display made for Ryerson University’s Faculty of Science.