Science In A Bottle – Beakerhead 2017

Science in a bottle

IdeaMosaic went to Beakerhead! In September 2017, IdeaMosaic was on the streets of Calgary, as part of the Four to Six program at Beakerhead. As participants from Toronto, we were highlighting the amazing science that Toronto has to offer, while engaging people of all ages through creative participation. Our goal: start conversations between scientists and the public.

To achieve our goal, we designed a project called Science in a Bottle. The public in Calgary had the opportunity to send questions and comments to scientists in Toronto, by sending a message in a bottle!


The first stage of the project involved a Toronto researcher writing a message about their research, which was placed on their very own bottle. These bottles were displayed on Stephen Avenue during Beakerhead, and in front of the Calgary Public Library for Science Literacy Week during the following week! The public was encouraged to check out some of the research that is happening in Toronto, and they will had the opportunity to have their curiosities answered, through a response to their message in a bottle.


Researchers are currently in the process of answering the hundreds of questions received, which will be sent to the askers in the coming weeks!

If you are interested in taking part in future projects like this, contact Reeda at or tweet to us at @IdeaMosaic!

This cross-country collaboration between Alberta’s Beakerhead & Calgary Public Library, and Ontario’s IdeaMosaic, was made possible through the generous support of the National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). We hope that this partnership inspires further science engagement collaboration across Canada.

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