SCIENCE: The Prototype

The pilot project for IdeaMosaic was the Words of Science display, launched during Science Literacy Week 2016. This sign was made for Ryerson University’s Faculty of Science, and made its debut in Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre from September 19-23, during Ryerson Science’s week-long science literacy week activities. The sign garnered the attention and participation of students, faculty, and staff passing through the high-traffic location, as well as campus tours, elementary classes, and more. Following its time in the Student Learning Centre, it was on display at the Word On the Street festival, on September 25th, on behalf of Ryerson Science and the Ontario Science Centre. In January, the display was showcased at Les Tablettistes as an application of combining science with art, a conference hosted by Groupe Média TFO for educators from all over Canada. In the Spring of 2017, the display’s answers will be preserved, and the sign will be installed in its permanent location in the Faculty of Science offices at Ryerson University.


The display is roughly 10 feet long, and 2 feet tall. It is composed of the 7 letters in the word “science”, and each letter is made of 1.5 inch square wooden “pixels”. These pixels are coated in black chalkboard paint, allowing them to be written on with bright fluorescent chalk markers, also providing great contrast with the white backboard of each letter. Under each letter, a black wooden plaque can be found with a question etched into it. These plaques ask viewers questions relating to science literacy, and participants can write their answer on one of the removable pixels, using a chalk marker.

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