Past Project: There’s No Place Like GenHome

DNA Model World Record May 2016 from the founders of IdeaMosaic on Vimeo.

The article below by Aya Ladki was posted on TEDxRyerson on November 21, 2016. The original article can be found here.

In collaboration with The Design Fabrication Zone, Ryerson undergraduate students from the Faculty of Science completed a feat of global proportions: They designed a 43.5M long DNA model, earning them a place in the Guinness World Records for Longest DNA Model on earth.

The project was completed on May 7th, 2016 and put on display at Dundas Square- a display held in tandem with the 2016 Toronto Science Rendezvous, an annual festival that aims to bring science “out of the labs and into the street”.

Reeda Mahmood and Nathan Battersby, co-founders and directors of the There’s No Place like Genhome project, reached to the far corners of the Ryerson community for help in a true “DIT,” or Do It Together, movement. Collaborators included DNAstack, the DFZ, and Ontario Genomics, alongside over 50 students and faculty members, and upwards of 340 community members working together towards a common goal.

The team wanted to get the whole community involved in breaking the world record. They took photos of participants holding festive A,T,C or G, cut out’s to symbolize DNA base pairs, and incorporated the photos onto the structure in a genetically accurate depiction of a double helix, celebrating the community identity that brought this project to life.

The There’s No Place like Genhome project has proven that the Do it Together movement is alive and well. With a little community collaboration and a passion for science, who knows how far we can go.


Congratulations to the Ryerson community on the Guinness World Record!


To view the whole project in action, here’s a link to their Youtube video

Design Fabrication Zone

Science Rendezvous



Ontario Genomics


Article By Aya Ladki – TEDxRyerson

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